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Make your training memorable!  
Transform your workplace into a well oiled machine with our unique and bespoke drama based training.


Make an Impact

Professional actors are trained to speak confidently in front of hundreds of people.  These are the skills that many people in business need but have never been given the chance to hone.

Our actors and workshop leaders will take you through the right techniques, including breath control, body language and vocal coaching to ensure you are making an impact when it counts.

We'll do the acting!

Our professional actors will step into any role required in order for you to practice within a safe learning environment.  Whether that is coaching a tricky team member, giving bad news to a colleague or interviewing a witness to a crime.  Rest assured that the scenario will remain realistic so that the right skills are in place when the time comes to go live!   

Bespoke for You

We will help you to craft the training sessions you need us for, write and tailor scenarios for you and can even provide facilitators to ensure you get squeeze every bit of goodness out of our professionals! ​

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